Michael BARLOW French literature teacher - writer: 

 has published around sixty books, was reader in a publishing house, and participated in its editorial committee. Thanks to a seminar for amateur-writers, I had the privilege to see how the book was improving after each reading. This is a poignant story, full of humanity and suffering. And because of the great humanity of the text, Celeste had to tell the story. I am convinced a book is a "public service "that helps other people to live. So: thank you Celeste, for letting us shares this text! Pascal (engineer and writer): written in a spontaneous and natural way, Celeste proposes her biography like a serial novel. “What is going to happen to her?” that was what I was thinking when turning each page of the book. The bad girl doesn’t cheat, doesn’t complain. This fate goes at high speed, in continuous waves. One day, the worst is happening, the other one everything goes right. And so goes the life of Celeste. "Notebook of a bad girl" tells a story of a survival, of a life. After all, both are closer than we could imagine. This is the story of a girl who dares to live what she has in her heart, without complex, even though she suffers from stupid people’s judgement, even though she confronts the worst of the human nature. Celeste has the strength deep inside her body and her soul, and Love is her cement. If there was one lesson of this exciting story: Stop complaining!

 Claire (38 years old, Notary): 

 This book is shattering and exciting. It gave me the answers to my questions. I see it as a hymn to love. It's hard to tell in few words what I was feeling when reading it. I admire you Celeste. Some passages and emotions remind me a lot. Celeste, if writing this book has been very beneficial for you; I want you to know that reading it was the same for me as well. Thank you. Jocelyne (executive assistant): I hesitated a long time before reading this book, not wanting to dig up painful memories. But the very positive reaction from my daughter, for whom it had begun her favorite book, made me feel curious. There are no judgments, the hardest moments are described with a lot of modesty, and the way to reconstruction is an example of courage, perseverance and love.

 Aurore (medical assistant, 23 years old): 

 Since I read this book, I don’t look at my parents the same way. I realized there is no ideal parent. Now, I feel more responsible for my vulnerabilities and do not blame my mother like I did in the past. Thank you. Melanie (student in a Bachelor of Psychology): In this book, we see the hard reality of life, with its bad and good sides. We must fight to survive, have this animal instinct that protects us. "The Naughty Little Girl" gave me another look on people than the prejudices I could have before. Indeed, thanks to Celeste I can now understand many things, behaviors or attitudes. This book is for me a master piece. When you open the book, you won’t be able to close it before you finish it, when the last page will be turned off, your life will be different. Valerie (Executive Assistant, 43 years old): Reading this book, I saw all the way Celeste has gone through since her childhood. All the challenges, all the hard times, that make me realise when I look at my own life, even though I want to complain sometime, it is not so terrible and finally I have not missed anything. This book showed me that there is always a way to get out if you want it, even if the cards we have in hands are sometimes not good.

 Yvonne (poetry writer):

 I knew Celeste by chance. But coincidences in life, are they real coincidences? I have attended the gestation of this book and I am happy she had given it birth. Should it give her as joy as a rebirth… I am glad to be her friend. Yvonne, the poet. Sylvie Thémis (Art Therapist, psychotherapist.): A witness on truth and of an amazing authenticity which prove the ravages of emotional lacks and of all kind of abuses. However, what we keep in memory when reading this book is that behind the pain, there is always the life force and the power of resilience. It’s the truth that when we refuse to remain under the influence of a trauma, it can finally become a tool to get inner peace, even happiness. Thank you for this evidence.

 Gisele-Marie (medical secretary): 

 I read this book within a weekend, easy to read, especially because we know who is Celeste. The life of this character, traumatized during childhood, brought up hardly, without tenderness, is not trivial.... it's a clever character, this is what saves her? She has been moved around all her life to the rhythm of events. Sometimes she suffers from the event and sometimes induces them, with adventures at every road crossing. It’s not a quiet life, nor romantic, but almost survival, with some consequences that are well related, and with a strong desire to get out of it. It is a book to read high speed, like character has lived and is still living, although now she has become a kind of sensible person (not mentioned in the book, or just suggested). In the way she wrote, she uses strong words like... (Sensational, extraordinary, wonderful)... and many others... that match with the character, even if it’s hard to believe. Celeste... and her fate she does not necessarily accept and that takes her into the comfortable world of madness. I enjoyed reading you and I encourage you to go on (but we have only one life) congratulations and … when the next?

 Julie Béchue 30 years (medical assistant): 

 Celeste, thank you for sharing in this book the heart of one life, the essence of one soul, into the deepest paths of honesty and love. This book proves and gives the feeling that someone, a voice tells the story. We can very easily imagine a play or a movie, revealing all of these adventures, full of surprises. I had the chance to meet Celeste at the age of twelve years old when I really need psychological help, and overall learn how to communicate with my own inner guide. As a serious and talented therapist, she has never talked about her private life. Today I just finished reading the story of her life in its most acute details, deeply moving and tender. As terrible as it is to hear, I think Celeste would never had guided so many lives if she had not have to face and her own, in the deepest dimensions of her being. This book will be for many readers, the beginning of the awareness, the invitation to forgiveness and reconciliation with the ghosts, the pains, the mistakes of the past, the experience of self-loving and consequently, loving the others ... Celeste offers universal love in this book because behind all the details of her own life is hidden a truth we all concerned about. “Fate is in our hands but is not depending only on us”. Thank you Celeste for this evidence of your life, so that we can better see ours. Thanks you for your devotion, thank you for ever.

 Edouard Petit (psychotherapist): 

 This book is basically a punch but, fortunately, do not let us KO! Permanent confrontation between a bloody life that leads the author into the dark side of abuses and a great desire not to give up and keep on going. This book is a balm that soothes the mind and heart. Who has n ever dreamt to have a friend with a great experience of life so that to get all the answers and help? This book is not one evidence more, but is a guide, precious, highlighting every page with sincerity. Open it now and see the flame that may rise from the deepest darkness and illuminate the future and build a more peaceful future! Andreina (painter) Dear Madam, Your book describes an outstanding example of resilience. You forced me to think about the hidden pain of a child and about the strength that everyone gets inside to help to cure. CORINNE Chevarier (Executive Assistant) What a book! That's it, I have finished it and frankly I really loved it. You had the chance to meet many people who helped you on your way, your star has really watch upon you ... I still have not finished reading you, but frankly I love it, there’re no other words, nothing surprises me, someone who read it, without knowing you would certainly say that it is a beautiful novel, How can we bear such insults? But I know you, I have this immense pleasure to be among people who love you and always love you, these people for whom you save the soul. Your courage and determination are praises offered to your compassion, a nice lesson of life. I ma in hurry to keep on reading… with all my love.


 I have just finished your book. As you told me, hard to let go when we begin. I congratulate you for the frankness of your assertion, equal to yourself! With all my best wishes. Milan Misene (writer and author of novels, poems) Everyone has a story. You have wanted to reveal yours. A sincere story, highlighting the

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