The book " note book of a bad girl"


Even though  “I have been and I am still unfairly slandered by some people I like, when I dare to express what I feel, this book will open their soul to the love which changed me.../...
I praise this “intelligence of life” for having inspired me the revolt without dismissing the humanity.”


"We were reduced to beast! We have acted like animals! What we have suffered or done, an animal wouldn’t have accepted it!
"How am I going to manage? The way Céleste has really followed, as a child, teenager and adult, looks like the "Way of Cross".
Her history is more a pretext to develop some reflections on chimeras coming from human nature, open our minds to the idea of luck and reversal: adversity.
What about misfortune, but also about happiness and its illusions?

Title of chapters (extracts) :

1 – The privilege of absurdity is reserved to the humankind only.

I was born in Ain-Témouchent, an Algerian city called by the Berber of the XIVth century “La source de la femelle des chacals”. Fate? Maybe...

2 – You can take off a man from his country, but you can’t pull out the country from a man’s heart.

 Exil : just after the war in Algeria begins, the situtation began to degrade, many attacks and intimidation attempts happened from all sides. The danger was permanent when walking on the way to school...

3 –The life is like a rose where each petale is an illusion, and each spine a reality.

Love! Love! When you hold us! Our first met began with an accident, as if fate told us “Danger! There could be an unsuitable union!”

4 - The main mystery of the lifetime is that we don’t know when we must go down of the train.

Last illusion!
The day after, he came to say goodbye!
The proud man had disappeared. But, where had his pride gone?


5 - Our condition never satisfies us, the worst is always here.

The descent to hell: "do not move, do not breathe, just get invisible... "

6- Man does not need his own happiness, neither know nor believe every time that there is somewhere an absolute happiness. 

Sometimes naive, but never dupe ! I left my benefactor to become crazy about a witch wizard. At that moment, I was like a candle in the wind, addicted to occultism...

7 – Fate can guide you if you accept it, but the one who refuses, it drags it in.

The road cross is an initiation... Only a change makes us face the Unknown.

Facing my fears and doubts, and after a nightmare, I went to see a psychiatric- psychotherapist. He became, and is still for me, a master, a guide and no word can’t describe his patience, the hardness, the compassion I felt he had for me.
He and I have travelled for years all together.
He listened to me, and listened again, until I lose my voice. One day, I had to stop speaking, because a tumour fortunately begnin, had formed on my vocal cords.
“I was born in his office, after I made my peace with me!”

“I have been warned very early about the imminent danger I could be put in. And this, from my conception...”

This book is aimed, through a real life experience, to each one who believes that life has only one law, one influence, one way, the famous unavoidable "fate". That same fate which makes us feel like an innocent victim of our own life circumstances.

The author of this biography throws us in the intricacies of an ordinary life, and guides us throughout a saga becoming quickly extraordinary. The analysis she proposes are based on the experiences of the little girl she was, unfortunately full of humanity. A hectic life but, also violent, where human nature shows its lowest instincts, like animals. It’s a fight for not being taken away, at the risk of her life, and being looked at by everybody as the «naughty girl".
What is the true meaning of these words for a child, while she has been forever marked with this fault, longtime before reaching adulthood?  She feels the right to wear and highly claim this label, on behalf of all the injustices she has suffered from adults.
This biography isn’t a novel, even if it looks like. All the facts are real, so as they commit a whole family in a joint gesture of reconciliation around the elder sister.
Her unusual life, from her birth until today, shows us that nothing is lost face to adversity. Courage, determination, perseverance, are not just words, even when death takes us hostage. You will appreciate analysis, both humoristic and objective, developed by the author who shows that, Celeste has not suffered at any time his fate, but rather, accompanies him.

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